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Cost Segregation for Medical Buildings

In the multifaceted realm of healthcare, medical buildings are far more than just spaces for treatment and healing; they are intricate labyrinths of specialized assets, each carrying its own depreciation schedule. From advanced MRI machines and surgical suites to air filtration systems and outpatient facilities, the range of assets is both diverse and complex.

Cost segregation stands out as an indispensable financial strategy for medical facility owners, offering a systematic way to navigate the asset maze and maximize tax deductions. In doing so, they not only fortify their financial health but also free up essential capital. This can be reinvested in groundbreaking medical technology, additional patient services, and facility enhancements, contributing to superior healthcare delivery.

Medical facilities come with a variety of specialized rooms—each with its own unique requirements for systems like biohazard disposal, medical gasses, and electromagnetic shielding. These aren’t just operational necessities; they are ripe opportunities for accelerated depreciation.

Whether it’s a simple storefront clinic or a complex hospital, each type of facility brings its own set of tax benefits when scrutinized under cost segregation.

Specialized lighting, advanced HVAC systems, and custom millwork are commonly found in medical facilities. These features can often be reclassified for quicker depreciation, saving you money in the long run.

Substantial Savings Potential

Accelerating the depreciation on 15% to 30% of the capitalized costs is typical. The type of medical facility, its level of specialized systems, the quality of finishes, and the extent of site improvements all play roles in determining these percentages.

Explore the realm of cost segregation for your medical facility today. Whether it’s a small clinic or a large hospital, don’t miss out on the chance to maximize tax savings and reinvest them into improving patient care and expanding services.

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Take Advantage of Cost Segregation with Source Advisors

Cost segregation is a strategic approach for medical building owners looking to optimize their tax benefits and improve their bottom line. By appropriately leveraging this strategy, property owners can significantly enhance their cash flow, ensuring they have the resources to maintain, upgrade, or expand their properties, ultimately maximizing their return on investment. Before embarking on a cost segregation study, it’s advisable to consult with professionals who have experience in both the real estate and tax sectors to ensure compliance and optimization.

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