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In the nurturing environment of daycare centers, the diverse range of classroom equipment and outdoor amenities serves as an untapped reservoir for financial optimization. From specialized play areas to academic tools, each asset within a daycare has its own depreciation timeline.

Cost segregation offers daycare operators a critical financial strategy to maximize tax benefits and enhance cash flow, allowing for ongoing investment in the quality and safety of childcare services.

Why Daycares Stand Out

Daycare centers are more than just spaces for childcare; they are ripe with opportunities for reaping significant tax savings through cost segregation. Unearth valuable deductions by exploring daycare-specific equipment, amenities, and security features.

Daycare facilities are equipped with a range of classroom equipment like durable play equipment, academic tools, presentation aids, audiovisual gear, computer hardware, food service amenities, and hygiene supplies. These items can be designated as 5-year property, making them prime candidates for accelerated depreciation.

Besides indoor facilities, daycares often feature outdoor spaces equipped with 15-year site improvements. These include elements like fenced play areas, canopies, sidewalks, ground coverings, drainage systems, play structures, and landscaping—all of which offer unique opportunities for cost segregation.

Safety is paramount in daycares. Features like controlled single access points for parents can also be analyzed for cost segregation, giving you additional avenues for tax savings.

Substantial Savings Potential

Typically, accelerating depreciation on 20% to 40% of the capitalized costs is achievable. Factors like the daycare’s amenities, level of security, and the extent of site improvements contribute to this percentage.

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Take Advantage of Cost Segregation with Source Advisors

Cost segregation is a strategic approach for daycare owners looking to optimize their tax benefits and improve their bottom line. By appropriately leveraging this strategy, property owners can significantly enhance their cash flow, ensuring they have the resources to maintain, upgrade, or expand their properties, ultimately maximizing their return on investment. Before embarking on a cost segregation study, it’s advisable to consult with professionals who have experience in both the real estate and tax sectors to ensure compliance and optimization.

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