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Source Advisors is ready to help you understand how sales and use tax will impact your company and assist with complicated sales tax audits.

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With thousands of ever-changing state and local jurisdictions and tax laws, understanding SALT obligations and getting it right has wide-reaching implications.  Our consultants will help you understand this rapidly changing and complex landscape by completing a 360-degree analysis while helping you integrate technology that provides time-saving solutions. 

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Understanding your state and local taxes (SALT) is key to ensuring compliance and reducing costly penalties. It’s also inherently challenging and time-consuming. But businesses that know how these taxes affect their operations can act strategically to maximize profits and minimize losses.

Our experts can help you with:  

The Challenges

When you operate a multi-state business, you face a web of tax laws that require your attention.

To successfully comply and avoid unwanted attention from the local taxing authorities, you need to know where your business operates, what the tax rules are, and how to comply with them. And with so many different requirements, it gets complicated quickly.

Whether you’re running an e-commerce business, expanding across state lines, or hiring remote employees, you need to be certain of your tax obligations.

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