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State and Local Tax for Real Estate

A Comprehensive Source Advisors Case Study

Real Estate Holding/Management Company Claims Tax Refund for Overpayments

This nationally recognized real estate firm holds and oversees properties in major cities like Boston, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, and San Francisco. As one of the premier landlords in the U.S., they command thousands of residential units. Beyond their own portfolio, they manage assets for an array of clients including sovereign wealth funds, pension plans, endowments, multi-managers, benefits plans, and family offices.

About The Company

The firm’s revenue primarily stems from a combination of management fees and a share of the rental income from the properties they oversee. Their suite of services, tailored to each property, encompasses tenant acquisition & screening, rent collection, maintenance & repairs, financial management, lease agreements, tenant relations, compliance & legal matters, and property inspections. The cost savings the company implements in any of these areas result in a direct increase in the company’s compensation.

The Goal

Given the vast nature of their operations, there’s an intricate web of taxation, especially when dealing with capital improvements and regular maintenance. Their primary aim was to streamline the sales and use tax application, ensuring accuracy and minimizing overpayments.

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Key Milestones

The Results

On a bi-annual basis a review is performed on the spending of between 70 to 100 properties. Due to the varying nature of expenses on a property basis from year to year a refund is typically pursued for between 40 and 50 entities. In the most recent cycle, we secured a refund of $1.2M between 40 properties.

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