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R&D Tax Credits for Health and Pet Care Industry

A Comprehensive Source Advisors Case Study

R&D Tax Credits for Health and Pet Care Industry

In an industry where well-being is paramount, R&D is the cornerstone for innovation. Discover how Source Advisors transformed the R&D tax credit landscape for an industry-leading company specializing in health and pet care.

What Qualified as R&D?

The company engages a multi-disciplinary team comprising the R&D Laboratory, New Product Development, Analytical Chemistry, Project Managers, and the Executive Team in its R&D cycle. From investigating pharmacokinetics across different species to developing accurate testing assays, their work covers a broad spectrum of research activities. All these tasks contribute to the final product, whether it be in liquid, tablet, or powder form, ensuring its efficacy and safety.

The Source Advisors Solution

Source Advisors partnered with the company to not just be a service provider but an educational resource as well. Our detailed understanding of the R&D process in health and pet care made us more than a consultant; we became a decade-long strategic partner.

Detailed Analysis

We conducted a thorough review of the company's multi-faceted R&D activities, focusing on everything from pharmacokinetics studies to assay development, thereby identifying all qualifying expenses.

Financial Impact Assessment

We scrutinized financial records, covering labor costs, supplies, overheads, and other R&D-related expenditures, to calculate the potential federal and state tax credits that the company could claim.

Compliance Checks

Our team ensured that all identified R&D activities and expenditures were in compliance with federal and state tax laws, making the claims audit-proof and optimizing the company's tax benefits.

The Results Speak for Themselves

After the completion of the comprehensive study, Source Advisors identified R&D tax credit opportunities that resulted in:

$ 0 +
in combined federal and state tax credits

These significant savings have allowed the company to continue investing in further R&D activities and to expand its range of innovative products for health and pet care.

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