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R&D Tax Credits in Electronics Manufacturing

A Comprehensive Source Advisors Case Study

R&D Tax Credits for Electronics Manufacturing

From developing automation software to engineering custom fixtures, R&D in electronics manufacturing is anything but simple. Dive into this case study to discover how Source Advisors helped a seasoned electronics manufacturer claim substantial R&D tax credits.

What Qualified as R&D?

Key qualifying activities included the development of automation software for component storage and delivery systems, as well as the design and testing of custom-engineered fixtures for precision manufacturing. Both involved multiple design iterations, material selections, and functionality tests.

The Source Advisors Solution

Source Advisors took a deep dive into the company’s varied R&D activities.

Detailed Analysis

Our team conducted an in-depth review of the company’s varied R&D activities, examining the complexity, required skill sets, and associated costs involved.

Financial Impact Assessment

We scrutinized financial records, looking at labor costs, material expenditures, and other overheads. Based on this, we calculated the potential tax credits that the company could realize.

Compliance Checks

The R&D activities identified were thoroughly checked against federal and state tax laws. We ensured that all supporting documentation met the criteria necessary for claiming R&D tax credits, making them audit-proof.

The Results Speak for Themselves

Source Advisors exceeded initial expectations by identifying R&D tax credit opportunities that resulted in:

$ 0
in realized credits
0 %
increase in federal credits over the next five-year period.

These tax savings have been instrumental for the firm, allowing further investment in innovative software solutions and strategies, thereby maintaining their competitive edge.

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