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R&D Tax Credits for Consumer Goods Manufacturing

A Comprehensive Source Advisors Case Study

R&D Tax Credits for Consumer Goods Manufacturing, Bowling Ball Manufacturer

Despite the perceived simplicity of bowling as a sport, the development of high-performance bowling balls is a complex and multi-faceted endeavor. Dive into this case study to discover how Source Advisors uncovered a gold mine of R&D tax credits for an industry leader in consumer goods manufacturing for bowling.

What Qualified as R&D?

The company qualifies for R&D tax credits through several groundbreaking activities. These range from concept design using Pro Engineering CAD software to extensive testing and iterative design improvements. Activities also include the creation of master shapes, urethane molds, and the production of prototype and test batches. Each step involves significant technological challenges and uncertainties, thus qualifying for valuable R&D tax credits.

The Source Advisors Solution

As long-term partners with the company, Source Advisors undertook a detailed feasibility analysis to gauge the extent of potential R&D tax credits.

Detailed Analysis

Careful evaluation of conceptual designs, engineering drawings, and prototype testing to pinpoint R&D-eligible activities.

Financial Impact Assessment

Provided a detailed financial study to estimate the potential annual tax credits.

Compliance Checks

Ensured all activities were compliant with federal and state R&D tax credit laws.

The Results Speak for Themselves

After the completion of the comprehensive study, Source Advisors identified R&D tax credit opportunities that resulted in:

$ 0
in Combined Annual Federal and State R&D Tax Credits

The company has been claiming these benefits over the past decade, underlining the financial impact of their consistent innovation in the bowling industry.

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