Ask the Industry Leaders: 174 Amortization

Speakers: Brian Coddington, Jim Foster, Michael Warady
Join us for a LIVE Q&A session as we answer common questions asked about 174 and respond to live questions and comments. You won’t want to miss this!


This is not for CPE credit.

How to Navigate Amortization of 174 Costs for the Software Industry

Speakers: Brian Coddington & Jim Foster

The tax law on how software companies account for research and development costs on their tax returns went into effect for the 2022 tax year. Come join us as we discuss the latest changes to amortizing R&D expenses, what it means for those in the software industry space, how to prepare for it, and what to expect.

Updates on 174 Amortization & the Interaction with the R&D tax credit

Speakers: Brian Coddington, Jim Foster

Due to overwhelming response to our last townhall, we are hosting another addition and offering it as a CPE. Changes to 174 rules are important regardless of whether a taxpayer claims the R&D credit, they are still required to amortize the R&D expenses.

Driving Your Firm’s Success by Providing R&D Tax Credits to Your Clients

Speakers: Riz Malik, Alex Pak

Explore how you might begin offering R&D tax credit consulting services to your clients via an automated R&D tax credit calculation process!

In this webinar, participants will learn:

  • How to identify R&D tax credit opportunities in various industries
  • The GOAT.tax R&D tax credit study workflow
  • How to harness our system to automate tedious tasks like gathering data
  • How to have your clients document their R&D activities with our documentation module

Town Hall – Amortizing R&D Costs, Your Taxes, and Your R&D Tax Credit

Speakers: Brian Coddington, Jim Foster

Five years ago, Congress changed the law on how companies account for research and development costs on their tax returns, but it did not go into effect until 2022. At Source Advisors, companies and CPAs have inundated us with questions on how this new law works, how it impacts companies’ taxes, and when Congress will fix it.

Townhall – 174 Amortization & the Interaction with the R&D Tax Credit

We are bringing inundated with questions related to the pending §174 changes. We are hopeful we will see a change to the law before 3/15; however, we want to be prepared if a legislative fix doesn’t pass before the initial deadlines. Regardless of whether a taxpayer claims the R&D credit, they are still required to amortize the R&D expenses. Consequently, taking the R&D tax credit is in their best interest to offset the income from the amortization.

PART 1 1-hour CPE Webinar: 45L & 179D Pre & Post IRA Updates

The requirements to qualify for 45L and 179D has changed due to the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act. Now is a great time to further your understanding of this valuable tax incentive.

1-hr CPE: Inflation Reduction Act & R&D Tax Credit Increased Amounts

Take a deeper dive into the technical aspects of the credit, learn how to differentiate the need for consultative approach versus a do it yourself software program, and ultimately how to grow your practice by expanding your R&D tax credit study offering.

LIFO 1-Hour CPE Webinar: How to Help Businesses Increase Cash Flow During Inflationary Times

Inflation continues to be a hot topic for all of us. Tie the cost of inflation with the concern of profitability, ultimately managing cash flow, and you have many CPAs are revisiting LIFO with their clients.

Given that economists are projecting inflation will continue, discussing LIFO with clients is becoming a leading conversation.

Recorded Webinar: Amortizing R&D Expenses Town Hall

We have been fielding a number of questions about what is happening with the new requirements for amortizing research expenses starting in 2022. We hosted a town hall to discuss this and field all your questions.

Recorded Webinar: How to Free Up Capital in Commercial Real Estate with CARES Act Provision

Watch recorded webinar discussing implications of the CARES Act on depreciation and how to use its provisions to free up capital in commercial real estate.