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State and Local Tax Consulting

State and local tax consulting involves providing specialized knowledge, guidance and expertise to help businesses navigate the complex world of sales and use tax and helping businesses understand their sales tax obligations. This includes determining in which jurisdictions a business owes sales and use tax, how much tax should be collected and remitted, and strategizing and planning for future sales and use tax obligations for new market expansion, launching new products, or changing business models.

Nexus Determination

State and local tax consultants help businesses determine where they have a “nexus” or sufficient connection to a jurisdiction such that they are obligated to collect and remit sales tax. This can be a complex issue, particularly for businesses operating in multiple states or countries.

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What is a Comprehensive Sales Tax Nexus Study?

A sales tax nexus study is a comprehensive evaluation of your business operations to define your sales tax collection obligations. This evaluation encompasses both economic and physical presence prerequisites. PMBA’s sales tax advisors supplement this analysis by identifying other taxes you might be mandated to adhere to.

Sales tax nexus represents the relationship between a state and a business entity. If a business is found to have nexus in a certain state, it signifies that the company maintains a sufficient presence in that state to incur tax liabilities. This implies that a business has duties to register, collect, and remit sales tax for sales tax purposes to that state.

Tax Technology Implementation

Manual sales tax processes can lead to increased errors, exhausted employee resources, and poor compliance and audit results. But with the proper implementation and utilization of sales tax technology, you can free up your resources and focus on other strategic priorities.

Sales tax consultants often assist with the selection and implementation of sales tax software and technology solutions, helping businesses automate and streamline their sales tax processes.

Source Advisors can help companies evaluate an array of tax technology options for your business. Our experts are also certified implementers for specific tax solutions, helping clients integrate efficiently and correctly or provide necessary updates.

Sales and Use Tax Audit Defense

Despite the best tax planning and technology, sales tax audits can still arise. Our experts have successfully resolved countless sales tax audits over the past quarter-century. With extensive experience coupled with a profound understanding of multistate sales tax regulations, our sales tax advisors can be a significant resource to your company. We can manage the entire audit process, or before concluding the sales tax audit, we can identify if any opportunities were overlooked.

In case of a sales tax audit, consultants can provide expert representation and help businesses navigate the audit process, resolve disputes, and minimize potential penalties.

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Voluntary Disclosure Agreements

Even the most prepared, organized businesses can occasionally miss existing or historical tax liabilities. When these overlooked obligations emerge, it can be disconcerting (and harmful) for the company’s responsible individuals.

A Voluntary Disclosure Agreement is an arrangement with the government to abate or lessen penalties and reduce the look-back period for any type of tax that you might owe. In general, these agreements can only be completed if a taxpayer has not been contacted for an audit. However, there are arrangements that can be made even if you are currently complying with tax laws.

If a business discovers it has not been meeting its sales tax obligations, a sales tax consultant can assist in negotiating a Voluntary Disclosure Agreement with the tax authority to limit penalties and back taxes owed.

Tax Matrix and Determinations

With 50 states comes 50 distinct sets of sales tax legislations. Once you’ve ascertained which states mandate you to collect sales tax, it is necessary to validate whether your product or services are taxable. Some consistencies do exist, but not all states tax identical transactions similarly.

Our sales tax advisors can help various companies complete customized tax matrices for their unique service lines. For difficult tax decisions, Source Advisors can also help you work with states to get a formal ruling or decision.


Sales tax consultants assist businesses in complying with sales tax laws and regulations. This includes: 

Registering For
Sales Tax Permits

Filing Tax Returns

Remitting Collected Taxes

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How We Can Help

Whether your company is just beginning to understand how sales tax will impact your company, or your large corporation is looking for assistance with a complicated sales tax audit, Source Advisors is ready to help. If you’re not certain about your current processes, Source Advisors can offer a no-cost assessment and provide your firm with valuable feedback.