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R&D Tax Credits for Nuclear Calibration Companies

A Comprehensive Source Advisors Case Study

R&D Tax Credits for Nuclear Calibration Companies

In the Architecture & Engineering industry, R&D is a cornerstone of innovation. Yet, understanding and claiming R&D tax credits can be a labyrinth. This detailed case study unpacks how Source Advisors navigated these complexities to secure substantial financial benefits for a structural engineering firm.

What Qualified as R&D?

The company’s R&D is a complex, multi-faceted endeavor. From prototyping to system designing, each detail is precisely engineered, often requiring the development of entirely new approaches and technologies.

The Source Advisors Solution

Recommended by their CPA who had previous experience with our expertise, the company needed a specialist in R&D tax credits.

Feasibility Analysis

We carried out a review of the company’s intricate R&D activities, from prototype development to final product manufacturing, to identify all qualifying expenditures.

Financial Impact Assessment

Our financial experts went through the company’s fiscal records, covering all potential R&D-related costs to calculate the tax credits they were eligible to claim.

Compliance Checks

With the ever-changing legal landscape in this specialized field, we ensured that all identified R&D activities met federal and state criteria for R&D tax credits, making the claims both compliant and audit-proof.

The Results Speak for Themselves

After the completion of the comprehensive study, Source Advisors identified R&D tax credit opportunities that resulted in:

$ 0
in Combined Federal and State Credits

This level of savings has been pivotal for the company, allowing them to invest further in R&D and maintain their competitive edge in the nuclear calibration sector.›

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