Multi-Tenant Office Building Case Study

Highlights in the Case Study

lifoTwo-building, 80,000 square foot complex

lifoAcquired for $6,700,000

lifoPlaced-in-service in 2019

lifoFour-story, steel frame structures

Increased Cash Flow in 1st year- $578,734 lifo

The subject property is a two-building, 80,000 square foot complex with a small cafeteria for the tenants. The property was acquired for $6,700,000, placed-in-service in 2019 and sits on a 6-acre site.

As with many office buildings, the site is improved with ample parking, a monument sign and attractive landscaping.

The buildings are four-story, steel frame structures, with a glass curtain wall and built-up membrane roofs. Interior finishes such as carpeting, vinyl flooring, painted drywall are commercial grade and the electrical, plumbing, HVAC and millwork are custom to each tenant’s needs