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Deb Roth, CPA

Practice Leader/Managing Director



Deb Roth is the Managing Director of Research & Development Tax Credit Services for Source Advisors. Her primary responsibilities include executive leadership and oversight of the R&D tax credit practice, professional staff training and development, technical guidance, and process improvements to maximize efficiency.

Deb started her career at PwC and entered the R&D Tax Credit specialty practice in 1995. She has invested over 25 years maximizing R&D tax credits for companies of all sizes, including nine years with PwC and five years establishing an R&D tax credit practice for another firm before joining Source Advisors in 2009. While at PwC, Deb was a Senior Manager in the national R&D tax credit practice specializing in the sales, management and implementation of R&D projects. Deb has served clients in multiple industries including medical, telecom, aerospace, defense, software/hardware, financial services, automotive, industrial equipment, consumer goods and various other industries under the manufacturing umbrella.

Deb has overseen more than 4,300 R&D tax credit projects in various industries resulting in more than $1 billion of tax credits for clients. She maintains an unparalleled technical comprehension of the R&D tax credit, IRS resolution and is a founding member of the National R&E Roundtable. Deb is a CPA and earned her Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Accountancy degrees from the School of Business at University of Michigan.

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How do you calculate r&d expenses?

How do you calculate r&d expenses?

There are two general methods for computing the Research Tax Credit, the Regular Research Credit (RRC) Method and the Alternative Simplified Credit (ASC) method. Both methodologies are included on...



TECHNICALUPDATE CHIEF COUNSEL ADVICE MEMORANDUM 20214101F October 30, 2021 by DEBORAH ROTH, CPA On Friday, October 15th, 2021, the Internal Revenue Service published Chief Counsel Advice Memorandum...