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State and Local Tax for a Product Manufacturer

A Comprehensive Source Advisors Case Study

Global Consumer Product Manufacturer Recovers Overpaid Tax

The company is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of paper products. With a strong commitment to sustainable production practices, they proactively invest in solutions and technology to drive greater efficiency and quality across their facilities. This case study details how Source Advisors was able to help the company recognize various opportunities for tax recovery due to over paid taxes.

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Key Milestones

The Results

All four claims resulted in a net refund of $275,000. Source Advisors was also able to apply part of the refund against open audit assessments and saved the company an additional $52,000 in interest.

Source Advisors responded sensitively to the client’s desire to correct identified errors, and, with the finance team, established process improvements to:

  •  Identify exempt vendors and issue the appropriate exemption certificates to prevent future sales tax charges.
  • Correct the internal use tax matrix.
  • Work with the construction group to ensure that future projects appropriately identified sales tax exemption opportunities.
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