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R&D Tax Credits for Plastics and Injection Company

A Comprehensive Source Advisors Case Study

R&D Tax Credits for Plastics and Injection Company

From redesigning customer prototypes for mass production to pioneering new fabrication techniques, R&D in the plastics industry is a complex venture. Uncover how Source Advisors aided an industry leader in amplifying their R&D tax credits.

What Qualified as R&D?

The company’s R&D activities span from preliminary engineering analyses to developing custom tooling for production. Qualifying activities include redesigning customer prototypes, experimenting with molds and casts, and iterative trials to meet quality and performance standards.

The Source Advisors Solution

Before diving into the project, Source Advisors conducted a preliminary feasibility analysis to set potential credit expectations and explain the process. This was crucial for the packaging company in choosing us over other providers.

Detailed Analysis

Comprehensive review of the company’s wide-ranging R&D activities, including production methods and custom tooling. This lead to an initial find of $900,000 in qualified research activities.

Financial Impact Assessment

Examination of financial records to calculate the potential tax credits. Our continuous engagement and financial analyses have provided the company with insights that have been pivotal in their long-term strategic planning.

Compliance Checks

Our team made sure that all R&D claims were supported by robust documentation, making them audit-proof and securing the credits they deserved.

The Results Speak for Themselves

After the completion of the comprehensive study, Source Advisors identified R&D tax credit opportunities that resulted in:

$ 0 +
in annual R&D tax credits

Through our targeted efforts, Source Advisors has not just identified tax-saving opportunities for the company but has also enabled them to channel these savings into avenues for sustainable growth and innovation.

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