What CPAs are Saying

“We met with Bedford and quickly grasped the opportunity available to our clients. Within a few weeks we had over fifteen cost segregation studies underway. Bedford’s results were outstanding. Our clients were thrilled and we were soon using cost segregation to secure new and difficult to get clients. Great program, great firm.”    

“Our firm has exclusively recommended Bedford to our clients over the past eight years. Their reporting is comprehensive and easy to work with. We have had nothing but positive feedback from our clients on their work.” 

“Bedford provides us with a critical value added service. They are detail oriented, professional and have and analytical approach which is required in the tax world.”    

What Owners are Saying

When we first heard about cost segregation we were interested, but skeptical. After doing our research and interviewing a number of firms, we chose Bedford. We were very impressed with their knowledge and professionalism; they really stood out as a leader in their field.

I can happily say that we made the right decision. Bedford delivered everything they promised. They delivered on time, on budget and provided the cost benefit advantage as advertised. Their final report is top shelf and their attention after completing the engagement, addressing our questions, was as professional as it gets. We have completed a number of projects with Bedford and will definitely work with them again. If you need a cost segregation study, you will not go wrong with Bedford.

“Bedford provided me with an estimate of benefits prior to the engagement that, quite frankly, I did not think was possible. When Bedford exceeded their own estimate by 25%, my CPA and I were delighted. And Bedford did it all, I didn’t lift a finger. Not only were the results far beyond my expectations, but the staff at Bedford has been a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process.   

We felt that 39 years was just too long to wait for our depreciation allowance. To shorten the timeframe, we engaged Bedford. Their engineers identified and moved over $1,000,000 to shorter depreciable lives. As a result, we improved our cash flow tremendously.”    

“I was extremely impressed with our CPA for having the foresight to bring this tax-saving opportunity to our attention. The study went smoothly and the results greatly exceeded my expectations. Bedford’s engineers are experts in this field, and the results show it.”    

“I have engaged Bedford on two projects; one being a four-year old property, the other new construction. The benefit of the studies far surpassed our expectations. The Bedford team was professional and easy to work with. I have already recommended them to friends and they too were impressed.”    

“Bedford’s knowledge of the cost segregation regulatory process is extraordinary. The entire project was explained in great detail. Estimates of the potential cost savings were provided prior to the engagement letters being prepared, their review of our records and inspections of our shopping centers were meticulous and the finished report for each center is a quality work product. I enjoyed working with all the members on our Bedford team. I can recommend Bedford without hesitation or qualification.”    

“We are very pleased with both the level of service provided by Bedford and the work product. Although their proposal was the highest, we felt that their service would be well worth it, and I’m happy to say that it was. The Bedford team has been amazing to work with.”    

“My first exposure to Bedford was through our accountant. She suggested that I discuss a retroactive cost segregation with them for a building we own. That introduction has since proved invaluable to our organization. After two cost segregation studies our investment has produced six figure benefits.”

“The members of the Bedford team we worked with were outstanding examples of professionalism. Not only were they knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with, but they were timely and exceeded every expectation. They even completed both of our projects ahead of schedule. The payback on our studies was easily 15-20 times the fee they charged. I wish I dealt with more firms like Bedford.