Stand Alone Franchise Restaurant Case Study

Highlights in the Case Study

lifo$3,000,000 property

lifo2,000 square foot facility

lifoIncreased Cash Flow in 1st year- $62,846

25,000 square foot lot lifo

The $3,000,000 property is a national Drive-Thru and Eat-In hamburger-focused restaurant. The building is approximately 2,000 square feet. The lot is 25,000 square feet and includes parking, sidewalks, curbs, trash can surround, underground rainwater runoff and landscaping that are treated as Land Improvements with a 15 year tax life rather than 39 years. The interior retail/food service spaces had millwork, data, point-of-sale, vinyl flooring, drive-thru windows, decorative light, electrical, plumbing and HVAC that are treated as Personal Property with a 5 year tax life rather than 39 years.