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At Source Advisors, relationships matter. Trust, integrity, and hard work are core values that have driven our success and created partnerships with many of the nation’s most prominent accounting firms, associations, and Fortune 1000 companies. We filter every decision through these principles and do the right thing for our clients, team members, CPA firms, and partners.


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    R&D Tax Credit

    Take credit for innovation. Your day-to-day activities may qualify as research…

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    ‘Do-it-Yourself’, fully…

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    Cost Segregation

    Cost segregation accelerates depreciation of commercial buildings…

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    Deduct your energy efficient designs and architecture for 3-story or…

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    Deducting your energy-efficient buildings can lead to significant cost savings…

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    LIFO Inventory

    LIFO inventory accounting stimulates business growth to maximize your…

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    Refundable credit that businesses can claim on qualified wages paid to…

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    At Source Advisors, we are dedicated to continuing education and awareness. This strengthens our mission to deliver unmatched quality and service through technical expertise and a deep understanding of the tax codes, the industries we serve, and the complex requirements necessary to optimize and substantiate claims.