Bedford Podcast Overview

Cost Segregation Overview

A Cost Segregation Study (CSS) allows owners to accelerate depreciation deductions to the present tax year to help offset taxable income (i.e. time value of money).  WITHOUT this valuable Study, owners can only claim annual depreciation deductions up to 3.6% of the total Building basis…WITH it, depreciation deductions can increase between 15%-45% starting Year 1.  These accelerated depreciation deductions can translate to significant tax-savings…see graph below:

Why Is Cost Segregation Important for Your Listeners?

Cost Segregation is a vital resource for your listeners to maximize their cash flow.   The problem is that most businesses and real estate owners have no idea this resource even exists.  Even if they have heard of it, they may think that all Cost Segregation Providers are created equal.  This is a major problem because the Cost Segregation industry is unregulated by the IRS, leaving the door open for many “low cost”/illegitimate providers.  While many providers attract clients with their low-cost offerings, they do not have the qualifications or true engineering-based methodology to substantiate their studies under scrutiny from the IRS.  Bedford does NOT want to be the “low-cost” provider, we want to offer the highest value, which starts with properly educating and guiding our clients.

Who is Frank Giudici?

A Civil Engineer by degree, Frank has spent 15-years in the Construction Management industry working for two top-ranked Builders with project experience ranging from high-rise, luxury apartment buildings to nanotech manufacturing facilities. Frank has been featured on Whitney Sewell’s The Real Estate Syndication Show streaming to 145+ countries and continues to peel back the curtain on the Cost Segregation industry for all to be educated!  Depending on your audience’s experience/familiarity with the Cost Segregation tax strategy, Frank can discuss an array of topics ranging from a general introduction to the more elaborate Tangible Property Regulations.  To listen to Frank in action, click one of the links below:

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EPAct 179D Presentation | Marcum LLP
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Why Bedford?

The Bedford Team is a national firm specializing in tax-savings for commercial real estate owners via engineering-based Cost Segregation.  Per the IRS, CPAs/Accountants cannot perform these types of engineering-based Studies unless they are “…competent in design, construction, auditing, and estimating procedures relating to building construction.” and utilize IRS-approved cost estimating software.  Bedford works in conjunction with CPAs across the country to help maximize tax-savings for clients.  Additional details about Bedford include:

  • Founded in 2002 – One of the largest independently-owned Cost Segregation Providers in the US w/ +14,000 studies completed to-date
  • Headquartered in the Northeast w/ (5) other satellite offices strategically located across the US
  • Best-in-class Certified Cost Segregation Professionals (CCSP), Professional Engineers (PE), and Big 4 Accounting experience
    • ONLY (43) CCSPs in the entire US and over (50+) Cost Seg Providers…(8) CCSPs are employed by Bedford
  • Bedford’s Founder/Managing Partner, Greg Bryant, was one of the original Founders and 1st President of the American Society of Cost Segregation Professionals (ASCSP)
  • 100% Audit-defense guarantee, including Professional Liability Insurance

One of Bedford’s missions is to clear up the common misconceptions surrounding our core specialties: Cost Segregation, EPAct 179D, and R&D tax credits.  These specialties require proper education to highlight how beneficial they can actually be.  Bedford understands the importance of digital media to keep your clients (and ours) informed and we truly appreciate the opportunity to create podcast content for all to be in the know!

If you would like to contact Frank Giudici, you can reach him at or 518-898-6603.