Peter Kelly, CCSP – Director of Operations


ASCSP Certified Member #C0028-07


ASCSP Certified Member #C0028-07

As director of operations for Bedford Strategies and Solutions, Peter is instrumental in establishing the procedures, practices and methods employed by Bedford to provide quality commercial real estate services. His focus is on driving Bedford’s procedures, tools, and methods to comply with industry guidelines and the IRS’s Cost Segregation Audit Techniques Guide,and ensuringes that Bedford maintains it’s status as a quality provider. Peter utilizes his background in process engineering and business administration to link the accounting and engineering aspects of cost segregation. Since joining Bedford in 2002, Peter has conducted over 4200 cost segregation studies.


Prior to joining Bedford, Peter served the semiconductor industry for 30 years as a process engineer. Working in a technical leadership role, Peter directed process control and enhancement, data extraction and analysis for process and yield improvement, creation of process specifications, statistical control methods and analysis, multi-million dollar budget and capital planning and control, and project management. Additionally, Peter led engineering teams in building and equipping newly constructed or expanded manufacturing facilities.


Peter became a certified member of the American Society of Cost Segregation Professionals (ASCSP) in 2009. He is one of the first members to acquire the highest level of certification from the society.


The Queen’s University of Belfast, N. Ireland; B.S., Physics
University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida; M.B.A.