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Deb Roth, CPA

Practice Leader/Managing Director



Deb Roth is the Managing Director of Research & Development Tax Credit Services for Source Advisors. Her primary responsibilities include executive leadership and oversight of the R&D tax credit practice, professional staff training and development, technical guidance, and process improvements to maximize efficiency.

Deb started her career at PwC and entered the R&D Tax Credit specialty practice in 1995. She has invested over 25 years maximizing R&D tax credits for companies of all sizes, including nine years with PwC and five years establishing an R&D tax credit practice for another firm before joining Source Advisors in 2009. While at PwC, Deb was a Senior Manager in the national R&D tax credit practice specializing in the sales, management and implementation of R&D projects. Deb has served clients in multiple industries including medical, telecom, aerospace, defense, software/hardware, financial services, automotive, industrial equipment, consumer goods and various other industries under the manufacturing umbrella.

Deb has overseen more than 4,300 R&D tax credit projects in various industries resulting in more than $1 billion of tax credits for clients. She maintains an unparalleled technical comprehension of the R&D tax credit, IRS resolution and is a founding member of the National R&E Roundtable. Deb is a CPA and earned her Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Accountancy degrees from the School of Business at University of Michigan.

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