Grocery Store Case Study

Highlights in the Case Study

lifoHigh-end, newly constructed, free-standing grocery store

lifoPlaced-in-service in 2017

lifo$18,100,000 in construction costs

lifo48,000 square feet and sits on a three-acre site

Increased Cash Flow in 1st year- $1,080,000 lifo

The subject property is a high-end, newly constructed, free-standing grocery store. The construction costs Source Advisors were $18,100,000 and it was placed-in-service in 2017. The store is 48,000 square feet and sits on a three-acre site.

The building is organized into the main floor for grocery sales with a mezzanine level for administrative functions and classrooms designed for cooking lessons. The main floor has numerous departments including a butcher’s department, seafood, bakery, wine, produce, floral, etc. Interior finishes consist of vinyl tile, carpet, ceramic tile, and drywall partitions finished with paint. The store had significant numbers of cable trays, trenches, produce watering systems, supplemental HVAC, and backup power including a large emergency generator.

Site improvements include asphalt paving, brick paving, concrete paving, cart corrals, fencing, and landscaping.