Greg Roberts, ME, CCSP – Director of Engineering Services

GregRNewWebBioASCSP Certified Member #C0007-07


Greg is the director of engineering services for Bedford Strategies and Solutions. Since June of 2002, Greg has been involved in all aspects of the Bedford deliverable. He has conducted more than 600 cost segregation studies nationwide and performed senior level engineer reviews on thousands more. His project experience includes a wide variety of property types including manufacturing, petroleum and heavy industrial facilities to commercial and residential real estate properties of all sizes. Additionally, Greg provides engineering expertise and oversight on methodology and costing approaches for Bedford’s technical team.


Greg is a Certified Plant Engineer and has more than 23 years of experience as a senior facility engineer and a senior engineering consultant. Prior to his employment with Bedford, Greg was the senior facility engineer responsible for all construction activities and the operational management of a $1.2 billion semiconductor manufacturing facility. Greg has significant experience in facility contract management and is well versed in component costing and asset classification for real estate properties. His experience ranges from engineering oversight of an EPA Superfund cleanup, a team leader for explosive ordinance demolitions with the US Army Corps of Engineers, to design-build activities for manufacturing plants. Greg previously served a four year term as president for a state chapter of the Association of Facility Engineers.


Greg is a member of American Society of Cost Segregation Professionals (ASCSP), and in 2009 became one of the first Certified Cost Segregation Professionals in the country. Greg is a past member of the Association of Professional Engineers of Nova Scotia (APENS).


Greg has been active in his community for the past twelve years. He was heavily involved in the local policing program and recently served as vice-chairman of the town’s Zoning Board of Adjustment. Greg recently completed eight years as the Director of Maintenance for all CAP Search and Rescue aircraft in the State of New Hampshire and is a senior member officer in the US Air Force Auxiliary.


Northrop University, Los Angeles, CA – A.S. Aerospace Electronics
Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia – B.S. Applied Mathematics
Technical University of Nova Scotia, Halifax, Nova Scotia – B.S. Mechanical Engineering